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Is Touch Screen a must have???

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  • Is Touch Screen a must have???

    Hi guys

    I'm new to all of this and i have started to build a system outside of the car initially, When I come to the car install I am looking for an in dash motorized screen. But is a touch screen needed? how do people with normal screens manage.

    PS. The computer is for music and videos only so i'd like to avoid having a keyboard as i'm not needing to type etc.
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    ive had both now.
    i used to navigate with a little touch pad and i had a small keypad for the music control etc
    it was alright to use.. but it does look a little wierd to peole getting that u have a mouse and keyboard in ur center console

    and touch screen is nice and alot easier to use. and looks alot better..
    there coming down alot now in price..

    its not really needed but it is a heall of alot beter to have
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      Touchscreen is the best option, I also have a trackball in the centre console for the fiddly bits and a wireless keyboard for the really fiddly bits. Looking to add steering wheel controls as well. (can't have too much control )


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        you could go with just a few keys to control the music and mold these into the dash.
        Personally i think a touch screen is much more versatile. If you want to add a key to your system you'll have to remake your dash, while with a touchscreen it's only a software mod.

        Also keep in mind that you will probably want more the moment you got your computer in your car. I know i do
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          ok cheers guys think i'm going to stup up the extra cash and get the lilliput touch screen cos i don't really wanna be modding the dash etc.
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            check here
            MY NEWEST INSTALL:modded infiniti fx with big screen

            first windows carpc liquid cooled LVDS screen :D


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              not if you're innovative enough... you can use knobs
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                Nice to have, but NOT a must have.
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                  yeah, agreed. I still have a TS in combination to the rest of my setup. Recommended overall.
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