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    I have acquired a sharp 10.4 in lcd. This is a 12vdc unit and accepts vga or ntsc video with a rca input for video and audio. It also has a s video input. I am looking for info on this unit. All I can find is this:

    "Sharp QD-100MM
    Sharp Electronic Corp's QD-100MM is a 10.4-inch, 16 million true-color
    display, designed for full motion video multimedia presentations. With
    its color-active matrix LCD technology, the QD-100MM is compact and
    easy to transport. The display has a resolution capability of 640 x
    480, and is compatible with IBM-compatible, Macintosh, and Amiga
    computers. $8,895."

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    car|'93 4runner 3.0l v6, aiwa cdc-x317 head unit with aux-in
    carputer|pentium 133mhz, 40mb ram, 7.24gb hard drive, system blower pci/isa fan, 800w peak ac inverter, 40x4 backlit lcd


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      thats what it said!!

      didnt cost me quite that much


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        Yeaaa.. you just go ahead and mount that $9,000 screen in your car, don't worry about wiring it for now. And then I want you to tell me where you're going to leave it parked at night


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          might I suggest that u make a motorised cover for it!


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            I plan on motorizing it.
            Keep in mind I think this is an older screen so it is not worth the 8 grand.
            That was the only info I found on the web