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Has anyone wired their 31pin hirose connectors?

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  • Has anyone wired their 31pin hirose connectors?

    I got the hirose connectors for allens controller from digi-key, and these things are fricken small
    Has anyone wired them up? Any tips?

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    Just curious, what is allens controller?
    I just called and he told me that their vga to tft converter works for my Sharp TFT and that it would just plug right into it with no other mods.
    Does anyone know if that is true?
    Why bother soldering when it is premade?
    Also I talked to people at my company about a 15 foot IDE cable and they are ordering me one custom.
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      allan was selling tft nga controllers for cheap....40$. so you had to do all the wiring yourself.


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        I tried soldering up a cable but it was real tough with the tight spacing. Might try again with a different tip on my iron and some thinner wire.

        I'll post if I can get it working.