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Lilliput (FA801 8" Touch) problems - reversed touch

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  • Lilliput (FA801 8" Touch) problems - reversed touch


    I've just bought an 8" touchscreen lilliput (model FA801) and I'm running the latest eGalax drivers. The problem I'm having is that the x-axis of the touch screen seems to be ... well, 'reversed' is the best word I can think of. That is, if I touch 1cm from the LEFT of the screen, the pointer appears 1cm from the RIGHT of the screen, and so on. This only happens on the x-axis (not y); almost as if the touch membrane has been put on back-to-front (I damn well hope not...!).

    Can anybody tell me if they've heard of this before? Possibly a software fix?

    I've tried it on 3 different PCs, and it's the same deal with all of them.

    Thanks a lot, and hoping for the best,


    e: btw, sorry for the repost -- apparently this subsection is more relevant. Mods, remove my other thread if it's redundant. Thanks.

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    I know it's a pretty obscure question, but I'm all out of ideas!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      maybe have a look in the touchkit setup, i remember being able to invert the touchscreen thru software somewhere. it does sound like its been put on the wrong way, have you tried different drivers aswell?

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        this is after calibrating???
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