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Xenarc TSV Touchscreen problem

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  • Xenarc TSV Touchscreen problem

    Help me please! I have everything installed, and the touchscreen is, but isn't working. It does not allow me to calibrate, or do anything normal. When I do the draw test, I can slide back and forth at the bottom of my screen, and the cursor moves around a bit, but not in the direction that I am going. Other places move the cursor for a bit too. I just got done installing it in my custom bezel, and was thinking that maybe this is the problem? If one or two parts were being touched at the same time somehow, would this cause my problems? I am thinking about removing the internals from my front, and testing it out, to see if this is at fault. Also, if the touchscreen is somehow in too tight maybe this could be it? Everything reads fine in the software, like it is installed. Maybe someone could help me please. Any ideas?

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    Make sure the touchscreen controller is plugged in correctly and in the rite spot!
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      What do you mean "right spot". As far as I know, I never unplugged the touchscreen ribbon or anything like that. Just took it all out of the casing together, and kept it that way.


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        did you figure it out, I think I'm havin g the same prob


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          i had a problem similar to this before. it turned out a small glob of bondo was in the corner.. i mean a tiny peice. it was touching the touchscreen all the way up in the corner where its covered up. i took it apart and picked the bondo off and presto worked perfectly!
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            ~I have the same problem. I can move the cursor around and do everything with a mouse connected, but as soon as I touch the screen the cursor jumps to the lower left corner and acts like it is pressed. (which is a PITA, cause it ejects the CD in RR)

            My xenarc is in a custom dash housing and i thought the controler was shorting. I will try to take it out and see if there is weird pressure somewhere.

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              I used the updated drivers on the xenarc website and it fixed my I just have to figure out right clicking!