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  • opinion needed to pick out LCD

    I drive a 03 wrx and in the process of putting together a carputer. The largest LCD I can fit in the stock 2 DIN housing is a 7 screen (from what I have read). So Im looking for a good quality/resolution 7 touch screen, what do you guys recommend? Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen 619GL-70NP is one of the few models I have looked at. I just dont know about the picture quality. Any input would be awesome. Thx again

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    I'm looking to run a VGA signal into it from the computer i'm currently building, and perhaps later on for a backup camera. I'm looking for both a good quality, high contrast and bright screen....the ideal LCD


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      anyone cared to help or is this too much of a newbie question??


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        Nobody is responding because it's such an often-asked question (there's an awkward sentence for you).

        It is my opinion (no actual proof just what I picked up on these threads) that the Xenarc is brighter than the Lilliput. But, it's also $100 more.
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          I have a Lilliput and I'm not that impressed. I expect the xenarc would be plauged with the same problems.

          I find the resistive touchscreen is very reflective and ends reflecting your suroundings if there is to much light. I've been able to minimize the reflection by aiming the lcd panel towards the ceiling of my truck. But during the day, my passenger can never see the screen.

          I just finished a roadtrip that lasted 5 weeks. MS Streets & Trips was my best friend. My second best friend was the klenex box that I used to shield the lcd when the sun was in the wrong position.

          I purchased the lcd and installed a carputer (cheated by using a laptop) mainly for this trip. When I was researching lcds, I came across a wish for "capacitive touchscreen" somewhere in these forums. I didn't understand until I tried the resistive.

          I work in high-tech and most of our scopes and analyzers include capacitive touchscreen. The surface isn't as polished as a resistive ts so it doesn't have as much glare.

          So for the choices available, and the price differences, lilliput does alright.


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            liliput & xenarc are your two main stream options.... if your looking for something better then join the club... high brightness upgrades may be available, if you can, go for the brightest available... picture quality should be fine with either one, the biggest problem as mentioned is brightness & glare for daytime viewing....
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