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allens controller and 10.4 lcd

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  • allens controller and 10.4 lcd

    ok, heres the deal

    I just recieved the controller from allen (THANKS MAN). and i have the pinouts for the hirose thingamabob and the layout for the vga plug. But, I'm really really confused.
    I went to this electronic store in my town and talked to them, but they gave me some dumb looks. and they told me i had to solder all 31 of them damn wires to the hirose connector. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!
    the word connector is bigger than these things.
    also the wire going from my controller card to my backlight inverter. there are 5 wires that have to be conected. well i found a connector to work witht he controller but OMG the connector on the inverter is TINY. very tiny.

    so i guess my question is
    how in the holy h e double hockey sticks would i do this. could somebody show me some pics of their wires for me! that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. also, does soembody out there make these wires. I WILL BUY ONE!!!! maybe 2. Please help me! to see pics of what i got go to my site, click down below, and go to pictures to see pics of my controller and lcd.


    2 x 12" mtx 6000
    mtx 500D 775w amp
    PII 366mhz
    64meg ram
    250w ps
    300w dc/ac inverter
    kdc 7011 kenwood headset
    aux adapter
    45 sec boot
    3 sec shutdown
    10.4 NEC lcd (need controller)

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    I think your best option would be to have that cable made. Probably won't cost to much and you won't screw something up soldering small wires for that connector. Try web page

    They make cables for interfacing LCD screens.