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touchscreen (first post, kinda long)

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  • touchscreen (first post, kinda long)

    New member, I'm also new to computer building, experience limited to swapping drives and pci cards. I'll put my first question out there and save the rest of my rambling for a different post/forum.

    Awaiting arrival of this:

    I had hoped to eliminate the use of a dc to ac inverter. Does anyone see any possibility of getting this monster converted to a more direct dc power input?

    Info I've found:
    model pdf

    Similar model:
    Warning: 1MB pdf

    Sorry that's all I've got. I'll tear it apart and link to some pics of the internals soon after I get it.

    If this becomes too complicated for in- vehicle use I'll just use it in the house and I won't bother you guys (and girls?) for a little while.

    Any/all input welcome.
    Great forum btw, I'd never try this without the info I've found here.

    p.s. Don't worry, it'll fit. Cavernous interior. 97 Dodge Ram Ext. cab pick-up.
    97 Dodge Ram 13.8" touchscreen/DVD/GPS/TV/FM
    Some pics & details here

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    That's far too funny. I was looking at that before, went to place a bid on it and it said "sorry, this auction has closed", I guess it was you who got it! =)

    Unfortunately I can't find any information within those documents that you provided that can help with power information, however it's highly likely that it will be internally converted to a DC supply, so you'll have to rip it open (voiding any warranty of course :rolleyes and send some pics of the inside, or see what you can find out for yourself. Good luck!
    IN DEVELOPMENT -- '96 Mustang, lilliput with PII/450 laptop, custom DC-DC power supply, 60GB; Garmin GPS; 802.11g; compact keyboard, small graphical LCDs, OBDII.