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A cable I found.

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  • A cable I found.

    Not to be a pain or anything, but I just found the strangest cable where I work. This cable was sealed in plastic, and had never been opened. No one seems to know what it was meant for, but if it is what I think it is . . . I am seriously confused. This board would know more about it than anywhere else I've ever been, so here's the description:

    Standard 15-pin VGA connector on one end, immediately leaving the VGA connector housing the cable splits into a thick cable, and another thinner cable. The thick cable is an S-Video out according the the label printed on the housing, and the thinner is a Video out according to it's label (yellow RCA style video out). The whole cable is no longer then 18 inches in length.

    Is this possible? Doesn't it take some circuitry to make this conversion from VGA to S-Video or Video?! What could this cable possibly be used for?

    Any thought appreciated.

    Thank you very much.
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    Hehe I have one! I got it with my video card, Matrox Millenium G400 MAX. I use the cord for dual moniter support IE my TV. If I ever want to watch movies on my TV I just turn on dual moniter support, and I get a copy of whatever's on my screen to my TV, or whatever you hook up. Here's some pics of the cord I have, and by the way you described the cord you found, it soulds like the same thing


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      No, its not technically possible, unless you have a video card that supports it. Its for a n ATI card, in order to use it, you have to turn on tv-out in the settings.
      So no, you can't just go hook that to any videocard you want.
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        Sounds good, thanks guys. btw, it is the exact same cable as shown in the picture! Makes sense now that I think about it, cause the company I work for is a gaming company, so you know there's a MM card laying around somewhere . . . good deal. I'll have to find that card! Thank you again for the answers, btw, anyone know anything about the question I posted before this one?

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          So this cable will only work with a video card which enables tv-out?

          I have a Thinkpad laptop with a VGA output. The video drivers allow VGA, LCD (the laptops screen) and tv output. Would I be able to use one of these cables?

          I'm having trouble with my s-video output so this would be brilliant!

          Never seen one in the shops though
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            These cables also work with certain laptops.

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