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  • willing to donate a display?

    Would anybody be willing to donate an old LCD monitor I could use for in my truck? Somebody stole my old one a few months ago, it was a 7" Lilliput, no touch screen or anything. My car pc is kind of useless without one, and I can't really afford a new one right now. Thank you for your generosity and for taking your time to read this.

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      ya, i thought I'd probably get some replies like that. Just thought I'd ask though incase someone had an old one just lying around.


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        Nice try.


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          Alright, it was a really stupid question to ask, of course nobody is going to give up something of value for free. Forget I asked, I'll think something over before I post next time.


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            Yah I like to think sometimes too.

            I just got a 15inch lcd for free. The 120 Volt AC power supply blew up. Thank god the main part runs on 12volts DC @ 1 amp.

            mine mine mine mine mine mine mine.

            Kinda big though!
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