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Disabling monitor in Win98

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  • Disabling monitor in Win98

    Here's my problem, I have a char LCD and therefore don't need a monitor or other type of screen, however, if I disconnect it from the VGA connector then my computer doesn't boot right. This is the weird part, it beeps like 3 times (no monitor beep code) then twice again (starting beep) and boots to windows, but once windows loads it wants to install new hardware for a display adapter. I cannot disable on board video, and I cannot drag a monitor around with me! I know there was a solution on building an adapter that tricks the computer into thinking it has a monitor attached and as a last resort, I will try that, but since it will boot (whereas some computers wont post or boot at all without a monitor) but just doesn't load windows without asking for settings, is there a way to disable a monitor (or display adapter) in windows.

    The adapter is listed as: S3 Trio64V2-DX/GX (775/785)

    (this is the exact message that is shown)
    "Your display adapter is not configured properly. To correct the problem, click OK to start the Hardware Installation wizard

    So the PC will boot, but then it trys to make me install hardware. Is there any way around it?

    I have searched, but nothing applies that has been solved by any means other than a VGA terminator.

    Josh Karger
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    Try THIS discussion thread...

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      Yes I saw that, just hoping there was another way first, ive never built a circuit or soldered anything so I guess now is the time to get into it. I've been wanting to learn for a while, but have just never taking the time. So please read this post:
      and respond if you can help!
      Josh Karger
      By reading this post you agree to overlook all grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors! ;)