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Lilliput went dark.

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  • Lilliput went dark.

    Okay, have had a dual lilliput running in my car for at least 9 months now.

    Both are powered directly from the pc 12v line.

    Today the back LCD went really dim. I can still see everything including the monitors OSD when I am really close, but its really too dim to watch anything on. Nothing odd happened, actually my son was just watching Baby Einstein movies as he does each morning on the way to the nanny's house.

    I tried the auto gain and auto settings, brightness and contrast are at 100.

    Like I said the colors and all seem ok, its just really really dim. The OSD for input (VGA, VIDEO1, etc.) are dim as well. I checked the power connection and the vga connections and both are solid. (front lcd is working great).

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    sounds like you either lost the inverter or the CCFL tube in the LCD, is the screen still under warranty?
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      I think you wouldn't be able to see anything without the backlight. Can you see any white light in the vents on the back?


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        I had a simular problem for the first time yesterday.
        The screen went darker and darker, and after a few minutes it was completle black.
        The touchscreen was still working, but a black screen.
        Today a tried again, an the problem was gone, I hope it stays this way :-)


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          Im going to run out now and give it a shot, ill check the back for white lites.


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            Okay screen came on right away now, and I left it one while i calibrated and played a few minutes of video. Back to normal. However, there is a slight "burning plastic" smell coming from the vent grates on the back, real slight barely noticable. Two questions since this screen sits two feet from my sons face. Can these overheat, and if so could they ever get hot enough to catch anything on fire?


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              Burning smell, going dim? There's probably something burning out. If it was still under warranty, I'd say set on concrete and leave it powered for a week. I think it would blow a fuse before catching anything on fire though. If you saw any light (you would probably have to be in the dark to see it) then you'll know if it's the backlight next time it goes dim.


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                Okay, it's got a one year warranty, and i bought it on Dec. 1, 2004.

                Im just worried it will spark and catch something, so there are fuses in there to stop that from happening?


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                  Well, a fuse blows when it draws too much current. Not sure if it could still catch on fire. It could just be that something spilled in it or an insect crawled in around the high voltage inverter and fried.


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                    Yeah its toast now. No power light no nothing.

                    Time to contact the seller.


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                      Mine went dim, so i unplugged it, touchscreen is in place still so i just use the buttons without seeing them. When i enter the menus on the lilly, they arte perfectly bright, only the input from the pc goes dark, i think im gonna try to use a friends laptop and see if its output is dark too
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