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S-video problem

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  • S-video problem

    Hi everyone!

    I am using a 1000 Mhz laptop with DVD cd for my car multimedia system. I also use a small in-dash color lcd that takes A/V in.

    I get this signal from the S-video socket on my laptop (very similar to a ps/2 port). I have bought an adaptor that takes the input of the s-video and outputs it as RCA which are then input in the screen. The screen is ok and quite readable, but the problem is that it is in black and white.

    I would also like to know if S-video outputs also the sound signal, since the adaptor also outputs the audio signal, and this may be the reason for the loss in colour.

    By the way, what happened to Fizzle? It looked very promising on my LCD!

    Hope someone has encountered and solved this problem, please help me!

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    Your loss of color on video out, is typically a problem with the configuration of NTSC and or PAL. If your laptop only outputs NTSC and your lcd only accepts PAL, then you will get a similar result (or is it the other way around, laptop PAL and screen NTSC)...

    Anyways, check the specs on both laptop and lcd. The reason for this problem is that the refresh rate on pal is higher (or viceversa).

    Most never laptops will let you configure your video out format, just as well as some lcds has a switch to determine if it uses NTSC or PAL.

    Apart from this be aware that there are different types of PAL, and you may have to fiddle around a bit to make it work

    Hopes this helps a bit


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      S-Video separates the luminance (Y) from the chrominance (C). It sounds like you’re only getting the luminance signal.


      Michael David

      Michael David


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        The LCD accepts PAL, but I have configured the laptop to output PAL and therefore this should be compatible.

        I thing that Michael has targeted the problem. I am not very eletrical minded (read: I hate to mess up with the laptop hardware) and would like to have some ideas how to solve the problem.

        Thanks. I will post some pics as soon as I get my new digital camera


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          I solved the problem after thinking about what Michael replied. All it took was to join two of the s-video connections inside the adaptor.

          I anyone has a problem like me, just contact me and I will give them the schematic.


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            ive got the same problem only im using RCA-RCA not svideo. i tried both ntsc and pal and theyre both only black and white. ive updated my mobo bios (fv24 using the stv2 or whatever moah.. suggested) I also updated all the drivers. i cant get any color unless i run it through a vcr which sucks... any ideas? i was thinking about using an svideo to rca adapter but i dont wanna drop the money on it if its not gonna work. please help!


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              i had that problem on one of the stationary pc:s, i just changed to the rca plug.. guess that wouldnt help here.

              pplay around with the advanced settings, by right clicking on the desktop and select the last tab, and the advanced button
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                ive done all that...what did you do with the rca plug?