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XBox RGB and a Zenith LCD

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  • XBox RGB and a Zenith LCD

    I recently picked up a Zenith "Game Screen" LCD for my XBox after finding out it was basically the same thing as the PSOne's LCD. The screen looks great except for some blurriness with small text (ie: PDA in Mercenaries). I was hoping to improve this by getting RGB from the XBox's motherboard. According to this chart (xbox) and this chart (lcd), I should be able to do this for the video:

    XBOX -> LCD (slot 1)
    18 -> 6
    19 -> 4
    22 -> 5
    23 -> 3

    and this for the audio:

    XBOX -> LCD (slot 2)
    2 -> 2
    3 -> 3

    Before I attempt this, I would just like to check with you guys on your thoughts. I am running an NTSC XBox and a NTSC LCD, if that matters in this scenario. So, does it look right? Will I get the best picture from this configuration, or should I try another route? Give me your input.

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    go to the a/v forum on, im sure you would be able to get a much more definitive answer