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Using the onboard screen of an opel vectra

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  • Using the onboard screen of an opel vectra

    I'm driving an opel vectra, one of the reasons why I chose it, is because it has a dot matrix screen (black/yellow, not colored) already on board.
    While I would like it to retain it's existing function, I would also like to put my own content on there, using a computer I'd like to install somewhere under the hood.
    I haven't 'opened' anything to see how the wiring goes, but perhaps one of you already has, and would know if it is possible to give it another input source of your own choice.
    Any ideas ?

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    no chance! best bet is to try and get the details of any chips inside but i would go with my earlier comment.


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      remove and replace the factory screen with a matrix orbital vf display !!!! saves you the pain, anguish and frustration and also its easy to return to stock
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        I'd wire the input from the car that was going to the screen and redirect it to the PC, it's probably serial comms, and then use the PC, plus a new LCD screen, to project the data back to the new LCD. You can make it look like anything, even retaining a stock look.