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    I have a mobile authority LCD. I am having trouble powering it up. If i hook it up in the car to battery power and accesory power it works fine. But at the moment i want to play with it inside and when i try to power it up from a atx psu the power light like flickers on each time i touch the wire but then immediately turns off. I am just wondering is there like a trick to powering it which i dont know? Thanks

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    I have a Pyle LCD and didn't have a problem at all powering it with a ATX PSU. I just cut off one of the molex connectors then attached a pair of female banana jacks the the 12v and ground. I then attached male banana jacks to the 12v and ground wires of the LCD. The whole point behind the banana jacks was so I could connect and disconnect the LCD from the case easily. Do you have a video signal going to the LCD at the time you connected the power? M.A.V.I.C. System
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      Which wire are you using?

      On the standard 4 pin power connector.
      The red is 5 volts.
      The orange/yellow is the 12 volts.
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        I used the yellow wire. I didn't have a video source going into it but i didn't the first time i connected it to the car either so dont think that is the prob. I have a feeling it is something about the power to the accessory wire, because i just put both of these on the 12v wire together and grounded the rest (when connecting to atx psu), where as in the car i had acc wire to the acc and power to power. Hmmm i'm not overly phased because it still works, was just curious if was doing something completly wrong.


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          you need to have the ATX supply plugged into a Mobo, or use an AT.
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            on my lcd's, you need to have a video signal present in order for the screen to fire up
            99.9% complete.



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              i have the mobile authority lcd too and im having the same problem... i have tried EVERYTHING!!! how do i get it to turn on after theres a video signal anyway? capacitors? this sucks!