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Display with buttons that interface with computer?

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  • Display with buttons that interface with computer?

    I'm looking for a slick-looking display that has the basic numpad buttons that I can map to my mp3 application, like Winamp. I want this all to be in an integrated package that fits in a double DIN. If its not the numpad that's allright, they just need to be configurable to my Linux or Win box.

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    Have you looked into touch screens? having full control of all you software w/o a mouse or keyboard rules
    I got a great one of ebay for $50 (I lucked out on that one) w/the control card, ist's a bit big to go into a dash, 9.5" screen but I have seen smaller screens, it just takes time to look and wait for one to come along .If you have more money than patience has some nice expensive models,
    If you really want buttons and a screen in a 2DIN space look for a wide 16:9 screen and you can fab a face plate that will leave space for lots of buttons along the bottom
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      better yet get a cheap keyboard take it apart use the circuit inside of it and wire buttons up to be keys (trace the keys to find out how to wire it up) and boom custom control and don't need to worry about winamp plugins

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        I stumbled across this site. Its for interfacing video game cabinets to PCs dedicated to running old video game emulations. The software, though, is fully customizable, so you could create your own keypad, and map any function to the button.
        These links are for using a rotary encoder for an mp3 player. I can't write code, otherwise I would build one and code it for MPXPlay