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6.8" VGA/TFT Screen and sliding mechanism?

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  • 6.8" VGA/TFT Screen and sliding mechanism?

    I was looking at those indash motorized screens, but their video quality /w a computer seems very poor.

    I am going to be using a single board computer.

    Does anyone have a recommended VGA/TFT screen that is 7" wide (max or close to) that supports the 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios? Also I'd like it to support 800x600 resolution if possible (unless this is unrealistic for such a screen size)...

    Also, has anyone made or know where you can buy a decent sliding mechanism for mounting such a screen in a dash DIN slot? Thanks all.

    - Josh

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    You could just get an old cd drive and try to hack that to make i work, or just make a custom case for it out of plexi or something and then get a couple of drawer slides...i haven't seen them where u can buy them anywhere, its not a common use item, you are prolly gonna need to build something.

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      the answer to your question is no. no one makes any kind of din sliding mechanism taht is readily available. i have be working on finding something like this for a couple months now. there was a thread awhiloe back about some guys that were trying to build one with plans. heres the link:

      However, i don't think anything ever came of it. I have also found some people that have done some motorized stuff.
      suppsedly but i can never get to that web site.

      your options if you want an-indash 1din motorized are the following:
      1. find a vendor to sell you a unit without the lcd (good luck, i have been trying for weeks)
      2. find a cheaper broken unit somewhere and replace the screen with a vga
      3. buy an existing motorized unit and replace the screen. (see my thread
      4. wait for someone to come out with one.

      let me know if you want to talk more about it.
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        sorry, my link is:



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          dang. today is going to suck if im going to be this brain dead: