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hd44780a00 cable length

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  • hd44780a00 cable length

    i had a seiko l2014 revision E wire up on a 6 foot cable, it worked fine. i am going to be putting an in car player in within the week and i was wiring up a 25 foot cable. is that too long of a cable to use? it works for a second then the text gets garbled. i checked all my connectors and even resoldered everything to no avail. should i just do trial and error on the length of cable? thanks

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    I dont know man, but nice rig! I have a 96 4runner! I will be putting a long paralell cable in my rig also, so I would like to know as well! Also, can I use a different smaller cable instead of the big paralell cable?


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      Length may not be so much of a factor a typ of cable, flat ribbon cable is quite bad for noise, and a car is a good source of noise. Try shield cables.

      Also if this doesn't help try using some line driver / reciever chips, they only cost a couple of quid, and I've managed to achive well over 100m of cable with them. I can dig out the part numbers if required.

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