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10.4" lcd inverter

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  • 10.4" lcd inverter

    i need some help finding an lcd inverter for two screens i have. i did a search and understand absoulutly nothing about the do i know what wires go to what on the input?? how do i know wich inverter will work with my screen??

    i have a sharp lq10d131. i have an inverter on one lcd.....i have two of these screens and need another inverter.

    also have a goldstar lp104v1. i had an inverter that came with the screen but unfortunately did not work. it was already wired but for some reason will not work. is there a way to find out the pinouts for the inverter? this one is running off of allen's controller.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I did a search on your LCD and found this site.
    Go to the Inverters section and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to the ERG site.
    Good luck!

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      thanks!!!! i had been there and saw that, but i missed the link to erg website.

      anyone else know anything about inverters????



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        If the inverter has a part number on it just Google it, you should be able to find a data sheet for it. If not, check or, they will have one that works for you as well as data sheets. ERG will sell directly, any other brand you can probably buy from Reptron. Inverters cost about $15-20. You can try too.
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