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general LCD help please

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  • general LCD help please

    Ok, I'm slightly confused with all the stuff I'm reading.

    Here's my thought, and please shoot it full of holes, because I can't see why it wouldn't work. But it seems too simple for some reason.

    I'm looking to build a computer for my car for MP3, DVD and the like. I want to run Windows 98 Lite. My problem comes in with the screen. ATI All in wonder card is equipped with a composite video out which could go straight into a cheap ebay screen like this that has a comp. video input. Done. At least as far as I can see.
    This just seems too simple for some reason. There has to be a reason everyone buys 600 dollar kits from EarthLCD.

    Could someone enlighten me on this? Thanks.

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    Simple. Compared to VGA, Composite video quality sucks a big one.


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      Well, I don't want this to sound stupid but here goes...

      How bad does it suck? I'm just looking to have a decent looking screen, nothing spectacular. The majority of the time it's just going to be displaying winamp and an occasional DVD.

      I know it's hard for you to judge how I would feel, but do you think I would be really disappointed?


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        Winamp looks ok if you make the font about 16-18. As far as DVDs go, they wont look that good on a composite unit. Try running you TV out into you big tv inside the house. See how crap the picture looks? Now compress that crap picture don to about 6 inches. It aint real pretty

        I know they are expensive, but most people figure if your going to go to the extent of putting a dvd in your car, you may as well have it looking nice.


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          try looking at your own computer screen, and squint your eyes to where you cant make out small text. Thats how it is!