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  • wtf? wtfii?

    what the f, where the f is it?

    why dont they (xenarc/lilliput/third party) create double din cases for the screens... seems like theres got to be someone that could benefit from this!

    next - wifi

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    well, um, what'd be the point, exactly?

    The single din cases came about because some people don't have the space to flush mount the screen. If you have a double din, then you have the space to flush mount the screen, so why wouldn't you?
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      i was thinking the same thing the other day. plenty of people would rather NOT bondo their dash and just slide the 7 incher in there. it makes sense. not everyone is good and custom fab work. but fab work always turns out nicer. but also a stock double din 7 inch touchscreen would like nice and factory!
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        some dude on here actually was thinking about making and selling these for $900.

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          i'm talking just the *****in bezel... 900 bucks is retarded

          i think if i recall correctly there are only a few different double din shapes etc from crutchfield.

          i'd be nice to just crack that ***** open and have a portable pc monitor that would be secure and flush mounted

          next - wifi