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  • MA TFT Problem

    Alright, I have the Mobile Authority 5" TFT connected to my new G1 mini-computer from Tiger Direct. I installed XP on it last night and it works great. Here is the prob. The TFT is connected to the RCA video out on the G1 and it displays the POST of the comp and the "XP starting" screen perfectly. However, past that, as XP displays the log on screen, The TFT goes black with a few horizontal white lines bouncing across the display. I thought it might be bad res. or freq. or even color depth. Iv changed all of those to minimum and other settings, and still i get those white lines. Id appericate anybodys help.

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    I have a 5.6 MA lcd , that happens to me too... but thats because i am using a 640x480 VGA/TV converter, and its only meant to work in windows. In DOS is has the text bouncing all over the screen during startup, once windows loads, it works just fine. Your problem may be that you have the refresh rate set too high in windows settings. Try lowering it to 640x480 @ 60Hz and see what happens... i dont think these lcd's are meant to work at more than 60 anyway.

    Hope it works...


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      King Snake, actually when it is in POST and DOS it displays fine, it is just when it gets into XP is throws a few white lines across the screen.