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NEC Versa M/75 Laptop TFT screen w/touch

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  • NEC Versa M/75 Laptop TFT screen w/touch

    Hello all,
    I just wanted to let everyone on here know that I just got a 9.4" TFT laptop screen off of e-bay. This guy has a few of these on there and when I got it yesterday and took it apart I was surprised to see that it has a integrated microtouch touchscreen in it. It looks like this is was an option with that laptop when it was origninally sold so I am not sure if all the screens he is selling have this. It was not mentioned in the description. Here is the link to the guys selling page:

    Ebay sellers page

    Last time I checked there were a few more of these screens for sell. I got mine for a bid of $10.50 ($16.50 shipping) But it was packeged very well. The screen is a NEC NL6448AC30-10 That screen is listed with the EarthLCD ISA card but will probably work with the PCI or VGA to TFT adapeter as well. There is a Microtouch controller integrated into the laptop cover but I am not sure if I will be able to use it. There is a port on the right edge of the screen for a stylus pen. According to what I found at microtouch it is for writing on the screen, but the screen will accept finger touch. It has a seperate 8 wire lead that fed into the laptop. May be a simple com port feed. I will know more later. Just wanted to let any others that are looking for a good screen to have a chance bidding on these. Thanks. If anyone has one and has figured it out let me know...

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    There's some more of them. Looks like a good way to go for someone...
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      Does anybody know if this screen will work with Allen's controller???
      1983 BMW 733i
      Cyrix 166 32MB with MPXPLAY And no display. Player sits on the back seat with a keypad in front. Someday I'll mount this thing for good...
      Gathering parts for carplayer v2.0!


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        I am wondering how many colors this thing supports. The description says 16bit but I've seen other places that says the LCD panel only supports 12bit.. Any info on this?



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 has this same screen minus the touch in his MasdaPC pickup truck. I wrote him and he said it is a 12 bit screen so it won't give the greatest DVD playback, but will show windows with more detail than a NTSC screen. Nice thing is the inverter is built in to the back side of the screen instead of on the side. The touch controller was on the side of the screen instead. I believe the Earthlcd controllers will work with it and I am getting the pinout from Ash Powers because NEC doesn't seem to have any information. I found that the touch controller is a serial interface but haven't figured out the pinouts yet. If anyone knows please e-mail me. It has 7 conductors that fed into the laptop, but I am not sure how much voltage the touch controller needs. The PDF file that microtouch sent lists some info for the standard controller they sell but this controller was modified for the laptop use. Isn't it true that a COM port gives +5 volts? If anyone knows how to get technical documentation for a NEC laptop let me know. Thanks,


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            Hmm.. This MAY be a 16 million color LCD as he said. I was looking again, and found the upper assembly of this laptop, and for LCD it had 3 or 4 choices: DS, TFT, TrueColor TFT, and somethin else.. it may be that all he other webpages refer to the regular TFT but this one that this guy is selling is the true color.. I can't seem to find any pinouts anywhere tho! Later


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              so it wont work with allens controller?


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                hehe I never said all that.. I dont know it should.. I'm just saying it may have more colors, which is good..



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                  found a little info maybe some can interpert it better then me.

                  EIO forum


                  i also saw a page that had them listed at $450 US

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                    Hey, I did see some info that there were multiple options on this screen. I don't know if the guy selling them on e-bay really knows. In his listings for the full systems he said he only ran DOS on them. I am not sure on the colors supported. The schematic that was posted lists that there are four lines per color. I have found some listings that say 4096 total colors. Not sure though. Thanks for that pinout someone listed. That is the first time I have seen a technical document on the screen. There were questions on whether allens controller will work. I searched the forum but didn't find much info on the controller. Does he have anymore? How much is he selling them for? What info is availible on the controller? Anyone who knows reply to this post. Thanks,


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                      Here are some photo's of the screen and touch controller:


                      touch controller and touch screen (the touch screen connects at the top. The screen brightness controll is integrated into the touch controller. That is the smaller connecter, it connects to the inverter.):

                      LCD screen:

                      LCD harness up top and serial connection from touch controller:

                      Ribbon connector to touch screen controller:

                      If anyone has any info on how that touch controller interfaces let me know. Thanks,


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                        Ohh, it seems that you have stumbled onto something interesting. I was checking out the ebay auctions for the guy you bought your display from, and he is advertising it as 16 million, TrueColor TFT. Now, if it has the touchscreen is another story. You said the touch screen was built into the screen's case/frome (matching the rest of the laptop)? If that's so, is it safe to say that any one of these screens sold with the frame has the touch screen?

                        I am interetsed in this setup, but don't have the tech know-how to figure out what does what. Please help us!
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                        Loads of ideas.


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                          Hey I found this screen and won it with the touch and thought others out there would want to know. I am working on finding out how to interface the touch controller. Microtouch said it is a capasative touch screen and that the controller is serial. I am trying to figure out the pinout.

                          The screen has four lines for each color so I belive that means it is 12 bit or 4096 colors. I realized today that the guy selling them has changed his posting listing the screens that have the touch/pen port. Search for "versa pen" and you will find the screens that have the touch. This URL below is for a auction I found that a guy was selling a kit for converting the regular screen to touch.


                          Just thought I would let everyone know. Thanks,

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                            Does anybody have any updates on this screen.
                            I just bought one off of Ebay as well and was trying to get some technical info on it. It did find some more info on the touch screen at:
                            Click on this "Touch Controllers Reference Guide" to open .pdf file
                            This site has many other documents and drivers for this unit. I have not tryed to wire it up yet though. I need to get the display running first. Does anybody have any new ideas or insight as to inexpensive controllers for the display?

                            Cory McCluskey
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                              ?? confused

                              ok, so this screen is selling for like WAY less than most 5-6" LCD's, whats the go with that? are they **** or sumfen?

                              what are the viewing angles like?

                              will it be good for an in-car project?

                              can it be hooked up to a standard PC?

                              can the touch screen be implemented?

                              basically, is this screen even close to the quality of those 200-500 dollar smaller LCD's?
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