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First System Build - Need advice on screens - Real Newbie

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  • First System Build - Need advice on screens - Real Newbie

    Hello All,

    So great to find a whole board of people who know about this subject as I am learning that there is a lot involved in the building of an in-car PC than system design alone.

    I am building 2 systems of the same specs for my friends Audi TT and my Honda s2000.

    The ultimate goal is to build an entire system into a standard DIN sized stereo box. The main problem I'm having is understanding the choice of LCD display for this system which is designed for a full multimedia use - DVD, MP3, Web and Gaming. I want to use a screen between 5 and 6 inches with outside physical dimensions of no more than 7" wide in the hope of being able to slot it into the front of the stereo box.

    Here is my proposed set up, I would be extremely grateful for any real expert advice on screens suitable for what I want to acheive. I'd like to pay no more than $200 for a complete LCD solution - is that even possible??????

    Thanks for any help you guys can give.

    System specs -

    Asus CUSI-FX flexATX motherboard with built in 4 channel audio and 3d graphics, USB and LCD panel socket on-board.

    Pentium 3 fcpga 1ghz at 133fsb

    512meg 133 Sdram

    20gig 9.7mm IBM travelstar hard drive (will I need a converter to use this with a desktop board)

    Toshiba 2.4x/20x 12mm DVD rom, CDR compatible

    Arise DC/DC power converter with noise filter

    That's it so far - Joel
    Home Media Center - 2.2ghz Athlon 1gig 400ddr Radeon 9700 pro 150gig HD plus 2.5" 40gig hotswappable pocket drive on XP with optical SPDIF to Sony DTS theater 5.1. 4am Media/Music Console. 56" DLP HDTV Screen on the way.