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Anyone know how to dim an TFT LCD backlight?

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  • Anyone know how to dim an TFT LCD backlight?

    Just wondering if a resistor network or something might work. I dont want to have to put tinted perspex over the screen to dull it at night.

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    Search around, basically what you do is put a potentiomenter before the inverter.

    So the less power you give the inverter, the less bright it gets.
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      It is more complicated than that, not all inverters can use a simple pot, some require a PWM voltage signal to run the dimming function, some (i.e. Taiyo Yuden LS520) require a voltage divider circuit to provide bias voltage to the dimmer circuit on the inverter. In the case of the LS520 there is an internal circuit that compensates for resistive load and would defeat a potentiometer. I was at the electronics store buying parts for this voltage divider circuit just an hour ago. Basically it depends on the brand and model of the inverter as to what method will work.

      CCFL Overview:

      Example of TDK inverter w/ dimming circuit:

      Example of ERG inverter PWM dimming:

      Example of dual backlight LS520 w/ voltage divider dimmer:

      Disclaimer: I am not an EE and am still learning this stuff, I still let the smoke out of things from time to time.
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