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Lilliput problems (whitescreen)

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  • Lilliput problems (whitescreen)

    I have a 7" lilliput touch screen monitor. I hard wired the power wire (with a connector inline) and RCA cables for video 1, 2 and audio in. All was working great while I was waiting for my project case to get here from DWW. When it arrived I had to unsolder the vga and touch screen cables from the board to get the cable thru the case. When I was all done and had everything solder back together all I'm getting is a white screen. I noticed the LCD to main board ribbon cable looked a little questionable. I tried to reseat it a few times before it finally broke.

    The cable has the pins on the opposite side of the cable from each other. I couldnt find one anywhere so I got a cable from DWW with the pins on the same side. I pulled the plastic piece off of one end and folded that end over backwards to make the pins on the other side and also still be thick enough for the connector to hold it in. Everything looks nice and sits tight in the connector. I still get a white screen. The screen will time out and turn the backlight off, all the buttons still work (ie power and volume have been verified) and sound works fine. Ive tested a few of the pins with a multimeter attached to the board and lcd. The pins I tested Ohm'd out so I know they are making a connection. Granted I didnt check them all. I did check both ends and a few randomly thru the cable.

    My computer also doesnt recogize that the monitor is plugged in. The touch screen still works also (I know these are totally seperate from each other just give the info). Has anyone else ran into a problem simular to this or can anyone make some suggestions on what I can do to possible make it work again. Im trying to work out a deal with someone that has a cable with pins on the opposite side to see if that fixes it. Figured Id post to see if I can get any good feedback from the pros here.

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