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Connecting multiple screens to 1 Carputer

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  • Connecting multiple screens to 1 Carputer

    What I want to do is to put 2 screens in the backseat in addition to the one in front. I want the backseat screens to be tv-lcd screens, which means no pc input port. The front screen is a lilliput touch.
    Any good products, video-cards, usb boxes or anything that make this possible?
    also I would like the possibility to show different images on each of the three screens, but also 2 or 3 can show the same picture.

    Thanks a lot!

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    What kidnof systemboard do you have already? try ing a bit more I think you'll be able to peice togeather the info your looking for.
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      Do you want to clone what you see in front to the back monitors or do you want to be able to play different things on the back and different on the front?

      For the latter use a PCI video card, anyone will do. If you havent got room use a USB to VGA adapter and a scan converter.

      If you want to clone and play something on all screens together, the use your TV out (if you got one)!
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        For me, the optimal sollution would be to be able to choose between individual on every screen, and to show the same picture on the two back screens and another on the front screen, also it would be nice to have the posibility to show the same picture on all screens


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          I used a Y - VGA cable- it works and was cheap..

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