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  • Looking for LCD info

    I am currently looking for the pinouts/tech data on a sharp LJ640U34. I thus far found the marketing lititure and nothing else.

    Any help provied will be apreciated.

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    You can't get any info from sharp, at least I haven't been able to


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      somewhere on Sharp's LCD website is a customer-service #... Call and ask for the fax-back line. From there you can fax yourself the index and usually find your LCD. My specs sheet didnt have the pin-outs, but some of them do. Also you can contact some of the sales companys like Future Electronics, Gates/Arrow, etc... They can sometimes help you get intouch with the right people at Sharp.


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        How about Hitachi? I have ripped out a beautiful 10" LCD from an IBM Thinkpad 560E. Ultra thin line of LCDs. All the cables are still attached. Search all the mentioned sites but still no luck in getting an interface board or and inverter card to analog VGA.


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          Try contacting the people at Several people on this board have got their LCDs from those guys. If you call them and give them the model # of your LCD they should be able to match you up with a VGA converter board and backlight inverter.
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            I emailed them and they did not have the spec. They pointed me to sharp. So I will try them.