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Analog or PCI controller card?

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  • Analog or PCI controller card?

    Ok guys, I need some help. The people over at have been completely unresponsive to me. I need to know if I should get an analog or pci controller.

    My knee-jerk reaction is to go pci, but the lcd will be roughly 10' away from the pc. So will the cable be long enough? Some advice please


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    not sure bout length, but you will get a clearer picture with the pci card.
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      I think the leginth to the PCI card is pretty short.

      I bought the ADC (analog / VGA) controler for my sharp lcd. It looks fine.

      I sttached the board to the back of the lcd with some standoff's took some pics -
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        How much was your analog VGA controller? If it's cheaper than the other controllers then I think it's a great way to go!
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          Hey cool.. That's the exact same LCD i have! You got a better deal though

          Oh well.

          But tell me please, you say on your site that the controller only supports 256 colors... But it says on Flat-Panel that it support 24 bit color! Hmmm... Why only 256?


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            Actually on his site he said it was 4-bits per channel.

            4 bits x 3 channels (R, G, B) = 12 bits

            2^12 = 4096 possible colors.

            Most LCD panels are not full truecolor, although they do a very good job of blending the colors so a 4096 color panel will look just fine. It's not like the 256 color days when the palette would change whenever you opened a new window, etc.


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            If I were you I would get a VGA-input digitizer board like gizmomkr did. This is the best way if your display is far away from the PC. With a good shielded cable the signal quality should be very good. Plus you can run a thin VGA cable to the front of your car and not have to hide a big ribbon cable.

            A bare LCD with no controller is meant to be placed in close proximity to the controller. Most of these panels were designed for a panel PC with the motherboard on the back of it, or in a laptop where the cable goes less than a foot to the controller.

            The only other alternative is to get a panel with a LVDS (Low-voltage differential signalling). This uses twisted pair cabling and you need a LCD that supports it as well as a controller. Some newer motherboards have LVDS drivers built into them and thus have a port labeled Digital Video Out (looks kind of like a 3-row DB-25 connector). Most digital flatpanel computer monitors support this interface as well. I believe LVDS can go tens of feet (I believe someone had it working at 25 feet). Plus I think the specification allows for other data in the video cable such as audio signals and USB wires.

            There is a company called Silicon Image that makes the controller chips for LVDS. I believe LVDS also goes by the name of PanelLink.
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              One thing to consider is whether or not you want DVD in the future. The PCI card from Flat-panel does not have a jumper connection for a DVD hardware decoder. So if you want DVD, you'll need a software decoder (which is fine if you have the needed processor).

              The analog would allow you to use a standard video card, which could be jumpered to a hardware decoder...

              Lastly: Does anyone here have the pinouts for that controller card???

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