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Just found a neat LCD w/ Winamp plugin

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  • Just found a neat LCD w/ Winamp plugin

    Looks interesting and versitile. Looks like great software too. Just thought I would forward it on! M.A.V.I.C. System
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    But isn't it tooooooo expensive?
    100 bucks ? hell no

    we could buy TFT LCD at that cost
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      That is a LOT of money for a 20x2 LCD.. Look at the one that fits in the drive bay, its $200 bucks.. If you want a predone character LCD one get a Crystal Fontz serial LCD, they are a lot cheaper and more characters.
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        It is a bit expensive, especially for a parallel port display. Check out the Matrix Orbital displays at &lt;a href=""&gt;Linux Central&lt;/a&gt; under the "serial display modules" heading. Not only do these use a serial port for communications, which is a bit more convienent than a parallel port, a number of them also have a keypad interface, so the whole thing, controls and display, can be run through a single line. And I'm pretty sure there's a Winamp plugin out there for them too (they're supported under MPXF and Cajun, anyway).


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          Wow, what a rip-off! You'd be paying $200.00 for an LCD you can get for $20 max surplus and some custom plastic casing with a black bezel on the front.

          They should at least make it serial or else graphical -- there are small 240x64 pixel displays that would be better for showing network traffic, etc...
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