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where can I get this things work..

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  • where can I get this things work..

    I just bought some LCD panels from ebay.
    Did any one know where can I find any controller, backlight Inverter, data cable and Software Drivers for:
    TOSHIBA 10" x 5" LCD, at the back it has a small label : TLX-1342-g3b5 h9k.
    And also it has another set of number printed on the back: LZQ1342-AOA*x.
    On the top of the package box, it have a Label: Model 250-3505
    part no. 622 051 1494
    parts name display assy, LCD

    Any help will be appreciate.....

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    try the search function of this board.. that will show enough info to get you by.

    try they sell the required controller boards for your pc

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