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5" in-dash hidden LCD

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  • 5" in-dash hidden LCD

    I was checking out these in-dash LCD's (I can't find where on this board I saw these links). They're for 5" in-dash LCD's that look really cool and not that expensive considering I was going to change my deck anyhow.
    Emerson 5" in-dash


    Pyle 5" in-dash

    I think they are Video LCD's not VGA. What is the big diffence anyhow? Would it suck as a simple screen for a MP3 player display? If I get a rolly ball mouse(Microsoft, with red ball on top), would it not make a great interface? I think I'm definitely missing something if nobody is talking about these.

    I wanted to buy a touchscreen but if this works good enough for me to see the winamp buttons and click with a rolly-mouse then I'll just buy this thing!

    Anyone have any suggestions or info?
    Touchscreen is at best twice the price!

    z-24 Mp3
    P-200 w/ 64meg RAM, Win 98 lite
    13.6 Gig HD, 4x20 LCD, keypad, IR remote(?), tape adapter
    (...working on touchscreen LCD, FM trans/mod and RF remote)

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    the screens are not VGA they use a standard RCA connection... They don't flip out the screen automatically, you must pull the screen out. We had a big discussion about them earlier b/c there was a guy claiming to sell them for $188...

    I am not sure what happened with that but, many of his auctions were taken off EBAY prematurely (not sure if he just sold them all, or what) anyway as the saying goes if something is too good to be true....(if anyone ordered one from that guy and got the screen, do me a favor and post the link for his direct order web page)

    But anyway they are more than good enuff for winamp (remember to enlarge your text). The track ball is a nice idea while parked, but those winamp buttons are kinda to try and accurately click while trying to drive (you might want to look into adding a keypad or something else to make it easier to use while driving)


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      the emereson one also has very low resolution..dunno about the pyle one..
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