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    Does anyone know how 'thick' a touchscreen is on top of a LCD screen? I've never seen one but I know you can buy them seperately somewhere and you just hook it up to your 'puter to add touchscreen to your monitor.
    I'm wondering because if I choose to buy a in-dash LCD like the Emerson 5" in-dash then I could add touchscreen to it if it's not too thick.

    Has anyone bought a touchscreen that could answer this for me?

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    P-200 w/ 64meg RAM, Win 98 lite
    13.6 Gig HD, 4x20 LCD, keypad, IR remote(?), tape adapter
    (...working on touchscreen LCD, FM trans/mod and RF remote)

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    they are paper thin (well roughly that), however the smallest size touch screen overlay that i have seen is 5.6" a little too big for your 5".

    Next issue if you did find a 5" overlay u will need to modify the case to get the touch interface to work/fit properly


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      I agree with Kain101, resistive capacitive touch overlays are wafer thin but it is generally "best practice" to mount them on an additional peice of optical glass in front of the main screen (which will obviously increase the thickness (mine is around 1.5mm thick)) This will, however, reduce the overall brightness of your display by around 15% (more if you do the right thing and use glass will an EMI gauze) so if you have a display with <200cd/m2 you will have trouble viewing in normal daylight conditions.

      System under development (Just need to fit to car).
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