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Great deal on an TFT LCD w/ Controller

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  • Great deal on an TFT LCD w/ Controller

    Check out this auction

    I would buy it myself, but the screen size is way too big for my car!

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    You will need:

    A computer or a laptop
    A MALE to MALE VGA CABLE (about $5)
    12 volts power can be used directly from the desktop computer's power supply or from a cars 12 volts(with regulator recommended)

    if this is true i just might think about buying it
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      thats not a TFT, its a dual scan


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        i have that exact display. works nice. haven't had time to put it in the car yet though. i'll keep yall posted
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          Three days ago the same guy was selling this kit for $299. These are brand new kits in unmarked, brown boxes—probably OEM surplus parts. In my personal opinion I think that screen is greatly overpriced. It’s old and obsolete technology. For $60 more you can purchase a very good, used 14” or 15” LCD TFT Active matrix computer panel. Frankly it’s huge for this application.

          In addition, this is Dual Scan technology; it won't play any Divx or DVD movies. But it's great for GPS or plain text.

          Try to find 9” LCD TFT VGA application. I saw only once on e-bay:Planar 9 in LCD TFT(CTX)

          I hope it will help!
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