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hooked up lcd wrong?

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  • hooked up lcd wrong?

    ive got a 2*40 lcd (no backlite) and hooed it up like this picture:

    i connected one single cable to +5V from pin 2.
    i grounded pin 1 and 3 directly without a 10/100k ohm.

    will that work? i used lcdprint but that told me that it couldnt find any lcd.

    please, anyone who knows whats wrong?
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    Sorry man... the pic doesnt show up!


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      I can't see how you wired it up because the picture's not there, but if you grounded the read/write wire, programs can't detect it. They can still write to it, though.


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        I'm having the same problem..
        My LCD is wired up but gives me the two bars of blocks on power up. LCDPrint doesn't do a thing and the WinAmp plugin LCDisplayer sometimes gives me characters flying across the LCD.

        What Mode (EPP,ECP,SPP) should the parrallel port be in?
        Is there any fool proof standalone LCD plugins?
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          I believe you should have it on EPP or ECP.

          I think LCDPrint is the best thing for testing. I think you might have a data line crosed or something.


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            Just a question (Had this problem last night).. What operating system are you using to test this?

            I was trying to use LCDPrint in Windows 2k and of course it won't work (duh). Booted up with a boot disk and LCD print worked fine. I had the two lines of solid blocks until LCDprint displayed the text.
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              The 2 bars of blocks are supposed to show up when the thing is powered up. Then the port sends it commands to write stuff to it. Check the connections for enable and read/write.