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  • LCD in sunlight

    Will it harm a LCD screen to be in the sunlight? I have a 4x40 LCD I am mounting in my second DIN slot, and before I do, I would like to know if anyone here has ever had a LCD ruined by having it exposed to the sunlight?
    And, does anyone here have a Schematic for a 4x40 Densitron LCD from Timeline?
    I can't get a straight awnser out of them, and another guy from this board I talked to coudldn't seem to find one.
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    No it wont damage it in anyway. The only thing u would notice when it gets REALLY hot outside, the LCD will look really dark but after few mins of getting power, it will go back to its normal state.
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      As much as I hat to say this - ( particularly to cenwesi) (because I really don’t want to start a ****ing match)

      So, once again, cenwesi - love your apps, but your dead wrong.

      Now, please keep in mind this will not happen over night, the process takes time ( years) but :

      The UV rays from the sun will cause the chemicals inside your LCD to deteriorate.

      It wont take out a pixel or anything, but slowly, you will notice the screen is not as bright as it once was, colors appear washed out, contrast fades.

      I have a UV filter over my LCD
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        Ooh! Where can I get one of those; Ill be needing one.


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          They come in many forms,

          1. Glare filter for monitor – usually glass or plastic, can be cut to size once removed from the plastic housing.

          2. Auto tint - Easily found as a plastic film, easy to cut.

          3. Spray on coating – Can be found at most eye care stores, designed as an anti scratch / glare coating for eyewear. Just look for “UV protection” on the bottle.
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            Would sun affect a TFT monitor?


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              I'm going to factor a guess and say that sun would probably be worse in the short term for the TFT than text LCD.
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                Yes, UV will eat into TFT as well as Character LCD's

                The effects are most notable on color TFT's
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                  Im presuming that if the LCD is is in a car it will take no damage as UV light cant penetrate glass. im no expert but i think i read that somewhere


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                    You can get glass with UV filters, or a coating on it.

                    Regular glass will happily pass along the UV rays
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                      How about the extreme heat generated by the sun? Would that damage a TFT?


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                        Yes. I would be worried about heat as well as UV rays (As the others here from Australia know, we have heaps of both). The seal around the edge between the two layers of glass that make up the LCD is very fragile. When the LCD is heated the liquid crystal chemical between expands which can damage this seal. If the seal is damaged the liquid crystal is slowly lost and the display ceases to function(usually starting with a small area and spreading from there. This damage can occur *SOME* LCDs.

                        Many are available in Extended Temperature Range versions. ETR versions can take a higher temp without damage and have slightly different electrical characteristics (often require a negative bias voltage. This allows for a temperature compensated LCD contrast).

                        Anyway to get to the point. I wouldnt worry about it for a character LCD. Even if the UV and heat kills it after a couple of years, it's cheap enough to replace. However, If I had a $600 TFT I would be a litte more carefull. You could try one of those little solar powered fans that such the heat out of your car when it's parked in the sun (I dont know how well they work. I've never tried one).


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                          UV light does not generally penetrate most forms of glass .. and any UV that does generally has a lower potential energy (thus less damaging effects)

                          It's the IR light that destroys stuff in cars !

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