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  • Sharp LQ9D02C

    I know there have been other threads on VGA lcd's but I have a few questions. I can get a LQ9D02C cheap but it has no controller card or inverter. I know I can get a controller card at but what about an inverter? Do they sell them too? I sent them an email but I hear they dont respond. Any help would be great. So would this 8.4" screen give a better rez than a 6.8" TFT NTSC screen? Would it be too much trouble to try to get this thing to work in a carputer? I would really like to be able to read text in windows. Thanks

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    heres some specs:

    Manufacturer Sharp
    Model LQ9D02C
    Technology LCD
    Resolution 640 x 480
    Style VGA
    Interface 12 bits (4 bit color)
    Backlight type 1CCFT(E)
    Panel type Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistor
    Active area (H x V) 7.25" X 5.5" (170.9 x 129.6mm)
    Outline dimensions 9" X 7" X .5" (242.5 x 179.4 x 8.7mm)
    Weight 480+/-20 g
    Operating temperature 0 to +50 C
    Storage temperature -25 to +60 C

    What about 4 bits color? Is that at least 16k color? I want to watch DVD's and stuff.


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      4 bits red, 4 bits green, 4 bits blue

      2^4 x 2^4 x 2^4 = 4096 colors.

      It's about halfway between 256 colors and 16 bit color.


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        Thanks. I talked to the guys at flat and they diddnt reccomend it for running video. They did tell me about their 10.4" VGA lcd kit with all the components for only $399!! Thats a good deal! My only thing is I want to watch tv or a camera without having to go through a pc. Is there a way?


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          They told me the same thing...The only problem is. WHERE AM I GOING TO FIT IT?? lol. I have a 96' Acura integra. Any suggestions? I'd like it to look like it belongs there. Not some crap lay-it-there hack job. Thanks.
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