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NEC MobilePro 700 LCD Hack - VGA

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  • NEC MobilePro 700 LCD Hack - VGA

    Has anyone hacked a NEC MobilePro 700 LCD? They are available NEW on Ebay for around $35.00. They are backlite, touch screen, and 4 color grayscale. It appears that the touchscreen and LCD controller are encase on the board with the LCD. I am able to get resitance measurements from the touch screen. So, all that is needed is to write a driver for the touch screen and that will work. (unless someone else has already done so - please post if so.) Now, has anyone wired up the VGA portion of the LCD so that it can be pluged directly into the VGA out of a home computer?

    I would think this would make a excellent monitor for mobile computing. Please post any information that you have on this or other MobilePro LCD's