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Timeline vs EIO

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  • Timeline vs EIO

    About 3 weeks ago I purchased a 4x40 Backlit LCD from Timeline.
    IT came with no schematic, No explanations, just a piece of paper with the names of the different pins. And, the 16 pin ribbon cable that came with it was on backwards, when I called and asked, the guy told me that I should go with Pin 1 on the Cable, even though that was connected to pin16 on the board, which wasn't connected to anything.
    Then, when I started to wire it up, I e-mailed them, and never got a response in my inquary for a Schematic.
    So I called Densitron (who made the LCD) they couldn't help me, the LCD was licensed by a company that made respritory equipment!

    So, I found a Schematic on the net, and proceeded to wire it up. I made sure I had the +5 and ground connected to the pins it said to on the paper that came with the Board. When I did this, the thing got so Hot, it melted the sticker that was on the back of the board.

    So, I am sending it back today for a refund, and loosing a bunch of money on it for shipping.

    So, I want to order this Sieko LCD from
    They actually provide Schematics, and a little help. So, has anyone ever used this Board, and what did you think about it?
    Was it disant?

    I haven't actually tried fitting it yet, but my plan is to fit my 4x40 lcd into a DIN slot, as my Car has a Double-Din setup (I still can't figure out why, the second slot was used for a Tape compartment, but hey, I ain't argueing). Does anyone see any problems that could arise from that?
    And, would you be better off extending the wires that go from your lcd to the Trunk, then connecting them to the computer, or should I make the cable short for the LCD, and use a printer cable to extend it, as I can get IDE cable for 20cents a foot, and that seems to be just the right size.
    Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
    Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
    In a 96 Grand Prix SE.