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  • Old mac donald had a farm EI EIO

    After reading a post slagging i would just like to tell my story.
    Not so long ago I had a problem with a Seiko L3034, not being able to get any form of characters. Well in the end after trying all sorts of ideas, in desperation I emailed Barry Gott from EIO. He was only too happy to replace the said item. I sent back and and hope to recieve it on monday that will be far less than the 3 weeks mentioned in a previous post, and I live in the UK.
    I say use EIO I have recieved previous orders from them in 4 days what more can you ask? maplins in the UK can take 5 days.

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    I've always got my stuff in less than a week, and I've ordered from there 3 or 4 times


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      how was the lcd and stuff? is it hard to assemble? can the average person who doesnt know much about electronics assemble one?? i know lots of people buy lcds from eio, but is it worth the hassle? thanks.
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        You definetly will need to know how to solder to do it properly. The only problem I had with my 20x4 was just keeping all the wires straight Its not HARD to put one together, its just time consuming.

        EIO shipped to me in 6 days (to Nova Scotia, Canada). I was pretty pleased with the service.
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          If you can solder well, and follow a diagram, you should be able to do it