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Can I use any of these?

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  • Can I use any of these?

    Samsung LT104v3-101
    Sharp LM64P821
    Toshiba LTM09C011 B

    I have these just lying around. Can I use any of them with either cards or another controller?

    Where can I find the cheapest controllers?
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    I think the Sharp is dual scan - so you probably don't want to use it (dim screen, limited viewing angle and poor refresh speeds.)

    I believe the other two are tft and I imagine they should work with the controller. Best to send them an email to be sure.

    I've looked pretty extensively for "cheap" controllers as I suppose many others here have.
    Unless someone has seen something that I haven't ~$200 is about as low as they get .
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      I have a Samsung LT104v4-101 and that work great with an old ISA C&T65545 made by Dolch. I don't know if you can buy this controller anymore though?
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