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just bougt tft lcd from ebay, need help

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  • just bougt tft lcd from ebay, need help

    I just bought this lcd from ebay and I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with it, I want to know if i'ts a good lcd for carputer and also which is better pci controller or analog, lcd will be as far as 8' from carputer. I know I can get the controller from but noone there wants to help me, can some please drop me a link to the controller I need..thanx
    here is a link to the lcd,it will not work right away, Ebay under maintainance...

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    Try searching the board I know there was at least one other topic on this screen before but the basics on it is.

    you can get either controller and it should work but the farther it is going to be from the computer that more I think you should go with the analog (or if you have a real nice video card or soemthing that you want to use and you dont want to give up soemthing that the video card offers you.) I think about a foot or 2(at most) is the farthest most people get from the PCI controller to the screen.

    the screen is about 5 years old or so and is only 4 bit color so I think the best you can run it in a 256 color with the windows drivers for most cards since they jump from 256 to 16bit color?) (somebody said it would look pretty crappy playing DVD's) just go to and find the controller it cant be that hard because there is only on PCI controller on the page (EarthVision/PCI) and only one analog controller also (EarthVision/ADC) the PCI card come with a 14 inch cable I think and I know somebody extended one but I am not sure who or how exactly