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    I was wondering why the only LCDs that you guys suggest are the one's from earth and aie, or whatever. Wouldn't ones from Sony or another industry leader be of higher quality?

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    if you look earth is "The World Leader In LCD ReMarketing" meaning they dont make the LCD's that they sell they come from other manf. (many are from Sharp and sharp is a respeced name in most places.) as for getting somethign from sony if you can show me soem place to buy a sony LCD with a controller that can be put in a standard computer I am suer that you would have plenty of people buying them. the problem is that it is only a few people/companys that sell the products that people here want to the general public (I know I have seen soem nice stuff but when the min order is 1000 peices you have to just leave it alone for right then and see if you can find other places that have it that you can actualy buy if from without the high order quanitys.)

    so to answer your question it is because you can buy them from earth and you cant buy them from sony that people use the ones from earth.