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So many HD44780 wiring schemes! Which one to use?

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  • So many HD44780 wiring schemes! Which one to use?

    I have found at least three different schemes for wiring an HD44780 controlled LCD . If I wire it one way, will it work with all the LCD-display programs? It seems to me that it would not. work with different programs such as LCDProbe, Lorty's Winamp plugin and such. Which schematic do you all recommend?


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    There was a wrong schematic going around for the 4 line displays.

    The pins were reversed on a couple of pins to the parallel port for the 2nd set of lines.

    If you look at a schematic for a 2 line display, and compare it to a 4 line display, you can see you just add a couple of wires.

    Look at the description of what the parallel port shows (input output etc) of the 2 line schematic. Now just match those descriptions to the 4 line schematic, and you should be able to see which ones were reversed.

    On mine pins 14 and 16 of the parallel port needed to be swapped. RS and R/W on the LCD driver.

    I don't know if any schematics were drawn correctly for the 4 line.

    The safe bet is to compair your spec sheet with the schematic.

    Good luck, it isn't that hard.

    (just double check the power)
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