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How much of a risk to you take polarizing a LCD?

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  • How much of a risk to you take polarizing a LCD?

    I'm really good with soldering and electronics and such, but is there a risk of electrostatic discharge frying the LCD? What about if I'm soldering, do I have to heat sink it? Is it difficult taking apart the LCD? Is it really fragile? Thanks. Also, how expensive would that polarizing film be?


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    You can get an LCD (4x20) for anywhere between $6.00 and $80.00. I made the mistake of not researching enough and paid a lot of money for one with a blue EL backlight to match my truck's instrumentation. You can find some inexpensive ones at "" and there is an example car site somewhere in mp3car which can show you how to change/install an EL backlight of the color of your choice. I think it was about $15.00 for the kit. As far as the polarization goes. There is a good example of how to do this at It is not diffucult to do at all. The most difficult thing I had to do was find a place to buy the polarizer film. Arby told me of a site which has 12"x19" sheets for $15.00, but they are not self-adhesive. If your careful while soldering your LCD you don't have to use a heatsink. I haven't found my LCD to be fragile except for the connector on the actual LCD glass. It doesn't adhere to the glass very well and I don't recommend holding the LCD by it after you have taken the LCD apart.


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      Everything is pretty sturdy except for the conductive stip between the lcd and the pcb.

      If you don't break that off, you should be fine.


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        Ummmm.... Yea....
        What do you do if that connector does fall off.... I haven't had much luck putting the d*m thing back together.
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