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For those of you considering the Partsexpress 5.6" LCD module

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  • For those of you considering the Partsexpress 5.6" LCD module

    I was just at the partsexpress showroom looking at their different lcds. I was specificly looking at the 5.6' barebones module they had for $150. They had several other units on display showing the same signal, and the 5.6' was the worst looking picture out of the bunch. It was washy and fuzzy, and too bright. And also the controls are mounted to the board and you have to adjust them with a screwdriver. It would have to be a set it and forget it deal if you custom mounted this thing. Plus when I felt behind the board on the back of the thing the picture went haywire, and I wasnt even applying much pressure to the screen at all. I just thought I'd share my experience with this screen with you all because I found it a poor performing screen. There is a guy that is selling a 6.4" lcd in a case for $300. Im going to go that route. I thought I could save a few bucks and get the pa 5.6", but it was lousy. Anyone have the 5.6" in their setup?

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    I get pretty standard performance out of it, actually. I am about to replace it, but it's not bad. As for the mounted controls, all you have to do is replace them with your own pots and it's all good. I do agree that the pcb is pretty crude but hey it works and that's why it's cheap.


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      That's why it is cheap, exactly. Unless there was something wrong with the floor demo unit, it would be unacceptable for viewing a TV-out vga signal. Even the smaller 5" and 4" screen has a better picture than it. If it works good for you then there is probably something wrong with thier demo unit.