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Backlight Inverter How? What? Where?

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  • Backlight Inverter How? What? Where?

    I am looking at purchasing a Sharp LCD of Ebay, but none seem to have Backlight Inveters, I was wondering if you can purchase spare ones, or if they are generic? If you could please give me any info you all have.

    Thank You

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    Just about any backlight inverter will work. They take 12V and output 360~500V for the backlight. I belive sells a two backlight one for $9.99


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      Damn. I payed 15 for it from jameco and it looks exactly the same but there are lead wires on it....some expensive wires.


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        I see the product that you are talking about, and I see the LCD that I have in front of me. I have a pink and a white wire running to a 3-pin connector (actually 5 (3 + 2 blank space connector - and the middle 2nd pin connection doesn't connect to a wire)).

        Kind of looks like this (where the U's are the connectors and the _'s are the blank spaces):

        P    W
        |     |

        Is there actually a positive and negative wire - does it matter how I hook up this inverter to the LCD?

        BTW - I have a Sharp 8.4" graphic TFT LCD. The inverter you list here will power the backlight for this LCD, right? I guess my newbee question is "does this inverter powers graphic LCD's, or is it designed for character LCD's??"


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