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Wiring Goldstar LCA4VE01A to 50pin Sage Controller

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  • Wiring Goldstar LCA4VE01A to 50pin Sage Controller

    I need some help ! I just purchased these 2 auctions. Sage Controller Card and Goldstar LCD with Touchscreen. I then plan on purchasing thisBacklight Inverter
    and this PS2 touchscreen controller. I think have almost everything figured out, but I need help on wiring! A 31pin Hirose cable is comming off of the LCD and I need to solder to a 50pin SCSI cable for the controller. I was wondering is there any type of adapter that will convert the 31pin Hirose to wires or a PCB with traces. I just can't see me soldering 31 wires to the small Hirose connnect. Lastly I found the LCD Pinouts , and the Sage Controller Pinouts. I figured all I have to do it match up the wires, and then wire in Backlight inverter (I'm not sure how to do this.) But if anyone can help me please do. Also I've been told that the Sage controller will only work with the LCD that it's Firmware is set to, but it I match pinouts I don't see how this would make a difference, please get back with me.


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    Please Reply If You Can Help


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      Anyone know anything about this?


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        I think we are all just jealous because you got an LCD controler for $1.50.

        Man I wish I had your luck!!!

        (Sorry, I don't know anything about your setup...)
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          $1.25 is a good price for the controller, but not know how and if I can wired is priceless.