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Mechatroniks 2 DIN Lilliput Housing

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  • Mechatroniks 2 DIN Lilliput Housing

    Mechatroniks has this cool housing for Subaru vehicles.

    I'm wondering, anyone here tried this in other vehicles? The site says it has been successfully installed in a Nissan Frontier so I guess this housing can easily fit into any other 2 DIN holes? Anyone here care to post their successes in fitting it in or hacking/drilling it to fit? The site only says its possible to fit into other vehicles but they will not guarantee it. I'm looking into installing this to a Honda Jazz in the near future with a Newision NW629VT (which i read is the same as the lilliput 629 model).
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    This has been talked about many times, and there have been numerous success stories. It will fit in most double din slots, but the face requires modification for many vehicles. For example if I got it for my car (mkiv gti), I would need to add a trim around it to have it flush to my dash. If you search for "WRX double din" you will find many discussions regarding this in vehicles other than a Subaru. It was originally created for the WRX and that is how most people refer to it.


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        sorry about that, I only did a search on "Mechatroniks" and did get any results so I figured if that keyword didn't come up its hasn't been talked about. My bad.
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          there is a few installs on here using it. would be best yto ask them for measurements to see if it will fit in your car.


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            the measurements for the mechatroniks bolt in are exactly 7" x 4.275" or 177.8mm x 108.59mm.

            and for reference, my acura legend double din measures 191mm x 109mm roughly. and the double din in my legend is probably the same size as most standard double dins that are in other cars. my legend is a bit wider i think though. so count on 180mm wide or so.

            i'm planning on getting this wrx bezel and putting it in the legend so once i do i'll start a thread with pics.

            hope this info helps..


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              I was thinking about getting one to test in my 05 Mustang. I emailed the guy that makes them and he will buy back the housing minus the shipping if it doesn't fit. I plan on buying one pretty soon, I just have to pay a speeding ticket
              Here's my setup, check it out.